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Retired Living Truth Seminar Series Learning Center

The Truth about Spending Your Nest Egg

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Everyone seems to worry about money as they get older.

This universal concern often has less to do with how much wealth one has amassed and more to do with uncertainties about one’s financial affairs.

How much money will I need? Will I have enough to leave some behind for others? What if my needs change over time? How do I ensure I don’t outlive my financial resources?

These are all common questions explored in this seminar on money and aging.

Events Speakers

  • Christopher Abts, President & CEO, Cornerstone Retirement Group, (775) 853 9033

  • Curtis Slothower, Financial Advisor, Cornerstone Retirement Group, (775) 853 9033

Seminar/ Webinar Recording

2023 Education Partners

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