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Retired Living Truth Seminar Series Learning Center

The Truth about Advocating for Yourself and Those You Love

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, being an advocate is important.

While we would each like to think that the professionals we encounter in the course of daily life are looking out for our best interest and are there to help us make good decisions, this is often not “truly” the case.

Even those genuinely wishing to help us are sometimes swayed by financial incentives, lack of available time or even access to needed information.

And while you might not think of yourself as an advocate, you already are. Each time you speak up for yourself or someone else, you are an advocate.

Learn why it is so important to become a strong advocate for yourself and others in areas of healthcare, finances, living options, end-of-life wishes and more.


Events Speakers

  • Chaplain Chaz Blackburn, Senior Outreach Services, Sanford Center for Aging, School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno | (775) 827-2298

  • Ashley Taylor, RMA, Care Manager, Arosa | (775) 993-9600

  • Theresa Cook, Cooke Elder Navigation | (775) 762-9258

Seminar/ Webinar Recording

2023 Education Partners

We encourage you to learn more about each education partner as they are all excellent resources within the community.

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