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The Truth about Driving After 80: Strategies for Staying Behind the Wheel

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We all intuitively know that our well-being is fundamental to our health and overall happiness. Having a car and our own set of keys ranks right up there with having air to breathe and fresh water to drink – it’s hard to imagine being without. That said, having a car and a license to drive (at any age) also come with a great deal of responsibility. At this past month’s seminar, we talked with healthcare, legal, and local law enforcement experts about the challenges associated with driving as we age, as well as strategies for safely remaining behind the wheel.

Events Speakers

  • Amanda Brandenburg, Office of Traffic Safety, Zero Fatalities, Nevada State Police

  • Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada State Police

  • Robert Meyers, Hinman & Associates Insurance, (775) 775-737-4616

  • Roseann Smith, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, (775) 684-4368

  • Sparks Police, Local Law Enforcement


RLTS 2023-04-20 Driving after 80 WEBSITE - HANDOUT
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Seminar/ Webinar Recording

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