The Truth about The Psychology Behind Letting Go

The house is too big. The yard has become unmanageable. Closets are filled to the brim. We haven’t been in the attic for decades.

Despite all the signs that it’s time to simplify, many people struggle with letting go.

Whether it’s saying “goodbye” to a home of many years or parting with the treasures inside, certain challenges are commonplace when it comes to downsizing, rightsizing, or relocating.

In Part 1 of The Truth about Downsizing series we take a deep dive into the human psyche and discuss what makes it so difficult to let go.



  • Annette Junell, Master’s in Psychology, Downsizing Coach & Realtor, Junell Moves Made Easy & Junell Realty Group, (775) 432-6300 (affiliated with Keller Williams)

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