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Retired Living Truth Seminar Series Learning Center

The Truth about Trusts, Wills, Probate and Guardianship

Times have certainly changed regarding the way estates are handled after someone passes away. It’s not as simple as one may think, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never specified in writing.

But what documents are necessary and most appropriate?

How do these instruments work within the probate process?

Expert panelists will discuss the TRUTH regarding differences between trusts and wills, as well as how these documents can impact both the living and the dead.

Another important issue concerning legal guardianships will also be discussed. In particular, how guardianships can be necessary in cases when individuals become incapacitated. In other words, the TRUTH about ensuring your wishes are followed and needs are met should you become dependent upon others.

Events Speakers

  • Ashley Taylor, Arosa Care, (775) 900-2839

  • Lou Robinson, Alliance Trust Company of Nevada, (775) 297- 4000

  • Richard Schulze, Schulze Law Group, (775)853-5700


RLTS 2023-07-20 Legal - HANDOUT
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Seminar/ Webinar Recording

2023 Education Partners

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