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Retired Living Truth Seminar Series Learning Center

The Truth about Squeezing More Out of Life as We Age to 100.

The most recent data indicates there are approximately 92,000 Centenarians living in the United States. This is up from 82,000 in 2016. While we may not “think” we will live this long, we certainly might. For some, this is exciting news, however for many, becoming a centenarian is not a rite of passage they ever considered. At this month’s seminar we will discuss the pro’s and con’s of living to be 100 or beyond, including money, housing, healthcare, purpose, and squeezing more out of whatever time we have no matter our age.

Events Speakers

  • Nikki Buckelew, PhD, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Advocate, Co-Owner of Seniors Real Estate Institute

  • Susan G. Harris, PhD, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Sanford Center for Aging, School of Medicine, University of Nevada Reno


RLTS 2023-09-21 Squeezing 100 - HANDOUT
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Seminar/ Webinar Recording

2023 Education Partners

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