The Truth about Who Should be on Your Team

One of the keys to living a successful life is who we surround ourselves with. Success is measured in many ways including health, wealth, family, relationships and support to name just a few. It has been said that the difference between Illness and Wellness is ‘I’ versus ‘We’.

Each of us need others in our lives, our “We”, in order to live our best lives.

On this recorded webinar, panelists will share who they believe are some of the people we should have on our team as we age, our “We”.



  • Juliana Hart, Allstate Financial Services – 775-626-3400
  • Mark Regan, Cascades of the Sierra – 775-424-5400
  • Barbara Seiler, Revel Rancharrah – 775-300-6200
  • Stacey Taylor, Clearwater at Rancharrah – 775-900-0319

Webinar Recording: