The Truth about How Much Is Enough

Participant Take-Home Worksheet Questions:

  1. What goals do I have for my future that will require having adequate funds?
  2. What is my current monthly income and what are my expenses?
  3. How might my income, expenses, and lifestyle change over time?
  4. What will my insurance pay toward future health care and/or personal care needs?
  5. Do I qualify for veteran and/or other benefits?
  6. Do my children/family members plan and have the means to contribute toward my care?
  7. What considerations might I need to make concerning investments I have?
  8. What is my plan for staying engaged with others for social, entertainment, and physical touch?
  9. Who will I designate to handle my affairs should I be unable to do so AND do I have the appropriate instruments in place to ensure they are equipped for such tasks?
  10. Who are the trusted advisor(s) I will call on to help me find the answers to these questions and/or verify that my answers are accurate?

Monthly Budget Worksheet (PDF)

Cost Comparison Worksheet (PDF)