What You Should Know about Hospice and Bereavement

There are many myths surrounding hospice and while most people would prefer not to talk about the D word, many times this can be to their detriment or that of a loved one.

During this interview with Chaplin Orr of Kindred Hospice, we’ll dispel some of the myths surrounding hospice and gain an understanding of the important role hospice and bereavement services play in enriching our lives during a difficult time.

Expert Panelist:

    • Chaplin Robert Orr, Kindred Hospice
      Kindred Hospice services can be reached by calling (775) 825-5008



–Grief Poem–

“Grief is the last act of love we give to our loved one.
Where there is deep grief there is great love. Grief is a great rite of passage, it is a hero’s journey of courage, of sacred battles, sorrow, love, joy and loss.
Through the darkness of grief we can see the light of love which transcends death. And with the pain can come gratitude for the gift of time we had, the love that was shared and the power to become a better person because they loved us.”