The Truth about Aging in the Best Place

What does aging in place really mean? And perhaps more importantly, what is the “best” place 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. Learn how to determine when your current place may no longer be the “best” place.

If you choose to ‘stay put’ in your current home as opposed to moving to a retirement community, you have options – lots of them! The challenge is knowing which options are right for you.

Our experts will explain the options you may need to successfully age in your home as well as discuss the truth about staying put or moving on so you are the one who is in control of the decision. When you make the decision for yourself, either in advance or in the moment, you control your own destiny. If left for others to decide on your behalf, you may not like the outcome.



  • Laurie Leonard, Promenade on the River  (775) 786-8853
  • Ryan Hart, Amada Senior Care  (775) 432-6022
  • Annette Junell, Junell Realty Group & Junell Moves Made Easy  (775) 432-6300


  • Brett Junell, Junell Realty Group at Keller Williams – 775-432-6300

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