The Truth about The Aging Brain

As we age, many of us become concerned about if and how we or a loved one may be affected by the aging brain.

A diagnosis of dementia or increasing problems with memory loss often results in a flurry of emotions, multiple complex questions, and the making of both short and long term plans.

One of the biggest questions tends to be how long can (or should) I live at home?

Couples struggle to agree on whether to remain in place or relocate, when and who to hire for support, and how to have conversations with others about their plans.

During this recently recorded 90 minute panel event featuring local experts, we gained important insights into these questions and more.


  • Nancy Schier Anzelmo, Alzheimer’s Care Associates LLC | Clearwater at Rancharrah, 775-900-0319
  • Ryan Hart, Amada Senior Care, 775-432-6022
  • Annette Junell, Junell Realty Group – Retired Moves Division w/Keller Williams, 775-432-6300