About the Hosts

How did the Retired Living Truth Seminar Series start?

We often get this question.

The first Retired Living Truth Series (RLTS) seminar was in June 2016.  The Truth Series came about as a result of the challenge for Seniors finding the many services that are available in our community.

The goal of the Retired Living Truth Series is to educate the Senior population about available services before those services are needed.  People make better decisions when they are not stressed and under pressure.  The seminars provide a safe, no pressure environment, to learn about resources and make decisions for the future.

Who are the hosts?

Annette grew up in Elko, NV and Brett in Warrnambool, Australia.  They met in Emeryville, CA (across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco) and moved to Reno at the end of 2015 to be near Annette’s parents and family.

Annette & Brett are committed to helping Seniors in our community to live their very best lives.  In addition to organizing and hosting the Retired Living Truth Series, they are:

Downsizing coaches: Help explore what housing options are available and the resources that are available to help downsize.

Owners of Junell Moves Made Easy:  The Junells and their team help people through the process of getting rid of belongings that no longer serve the client, measure floorplans to help decide what will fit in the new space, organize packing, moving, and the sale of items that aren’t part of the move.   http://www.JunellMovesMadeEasy.com

Real estate agents: The Junells and their team specialize in helping clients identify the right home, prepare the current home for sale, the sale of the home all while keeping in mind their client’s goal to make the transition as easy and as smooth as possible.   http://www.JunellGroup.com

From the Junells:

We absolutely love what we do every day.  It brings us joy to hear how the seminars have brought clarity and confidence to attendees as they navigate the next stage of their lives.  We also cannot do this all on our own.  We have a phenomenal team who are as committed as we to serve Seniors with respect, care and heart.